Jason Salavon in Art + Auction’s “Most Collectible Artists”

Congratulations to gallery artist, Jason Salavonfor being included in Art + Auction‘s current issue, “50 Under 50: The Next Most Collectible Artists.” Alongside peers like Cory Arcangel, Matthew Brandt, Trenton Doyle Hancock, and Laura Owens, Salavon made the curated shortlist of emerging to mid-career contemporary artists to watch closely. Says writer Eric Bryant:

Salavon’s works illuminate how new technology infiltrates our culture and consciousness. But it’s his talent for conceptual clarity, matched by an affinity for formal beauty, that earned him such a broad-based following. When L.A.’s Mark Moore Gallery brought several ethereal images Salavon constructed by layering portraits by several Old Masters to the 2010 PULSE art fair in Miami, they sold out in just a few hours.”

To read the full copy, please visit Jason’s artist page on the gallery website, or pick up a hard copy of the magazine!


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