Kiel Johnson and TED Get to Talking

Like every good tech/art/sociopolitical enthusiast, MMG artist Kiel Johnson is savvy to the popular TED Talks series. Delving into topics ranging from saving sharks to the happy secret to corporate workstyle, TED (Technology, Entertainment, Development) is a conference series dedicated to Ideas Worth Spreading. Since Johnson has been heralded as quite the “idea factory” in the contemporary arts realm, TED has invited the artist to partake in next week’s Palm Springs conference.

Should you find yourself heading to the desert for five days of intellectual gluttony, make sure to stop by Kiel’s interactive and ongoing “‘Studies on an Airship Ride, City 2.0” project with the public. One part exhibit, one part workshop, Johnson’s tiny cardboard metropolis with transform and develop depending on its visitors. Says the artist:

“I will start the week with maybe 35% of the buildings on the table so folks feel like they can get involved in the early stages.   I built a ‘salad bar’ of all the parts and pieces that you need to build in this particular scale. Participants of the conference are able to sit down and work with me anytime during the day.  We will be adding to the city all week. ”

In between talks, chats, discussions, and debates – you too can build this city.

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