MMG Takes on PULSE Miami

Thanksgiving is upon us and that means we are off to Miami again! This year’s booth features recent additions to the MMG program, such as Stephanie Washburn, Feodor Voronov, Okay Mountain, and Andrew Schoultz. Also making for some ambitious strides are brand new works from Tim Bavington, Kenichi YokonoYigal OzeriDavid Rathman, Ben Weiner, and  Allison Schulnik.

The gallery will also be producing a number of special projects and events this year. On Wednesday, November 30th, by invitation only, the Sagamore Hotel (in conjunction with Vogue, the Art Production Fund, Mark Moore Gallery and ZieherSmith) will screen three videos by Allison Schulnik, including Hobo Clown (2008), Forest (2009) and the recently debuted Mound (2011).

Additionally, in celebration of gallery artist Andrew Schoultz‘s recent participation in the Fountainhead Residency (through which he has created a new public mural in the Wynwood District and several new large scale works), the gallery is hosting an invitation-only cocktail reception alongside Marx & Zavattero, Morgan Lehman Gallery and Jerome Zodo Contemporary with special guest host, Moby.

Finally, the gallery will be sponsoring a public-area installation in the entryway of  PULSE: a rigorous new video project by Josh Azzarella. Untitled #125 (2011) is a work derived from the 6 minute and 30 second scene in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy is transported from Kansas into Oz. Using a technique based on layering and recursive frames, this moment of transformation is extended to envelop the entire time of her actual experience. Just as dreams – which realistically occur in flashes of seconds in our brains – can seem like hours or days, so Dorothy’s hours of unconsciousness take on a five day journey throughout the course of the fair.

A preview of some of the work that will be in our booth can be found on the gallery’s exhibition page.

Visit Mark Moore Gallery at PULSE in Booth B-402, December 1-4 at:

The Ice Palace
1400 North Miami Ave at NW 14th Street
Miami, Florida

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