Andrew Schoultz in Conversation with Paul Klee @ SFMOMA

Opening August 13 at the SFMOMA is Artists in Dialogue: Andrew Schoultz and Paul Klee, curated by John Zarobell. For the exhibition, Schoultz worked with Zarobell to choose 19 pieces from the MOMA’s 200-something large Klee collection, then produced ten of his own drawings in response.

Says Andrew, “The result, theoretically, is that the works I created would be in dialogue with the works of Klee and perhaps viewing the works side-by-side would create some kind of a new entry point and conversation for a viewer about both of our works. Ideally, it would be awesome for someone to see my work differently next to his, and his work differently next to mine.”

The exhibition will be on view through February 26, 2012.

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