Ozeri’s Garden of the Gods

Opening this coming Friday at Mike Weiss Gallery in NYC is Garden of the Gods, a solo exhibition featuring the photorealistic paintings of Yigal Ozeri in an all new exploration of nature, femininity and timelessness. With over a dozen works on display, Ozeri’s oil portraits introduce a new group of ethereal, coquettish goddesses, encapsulating their youthful spirits, vibrant energies, and overwhelming  sensuality into permanent works of art. Devoid of urban elements and even the passage of time, these works display an affectionate symbiosis between woman and environment, while also narrating the distinction of human experience – elegant garments seem to frolic throughout the landscape without fully coalescing, while nature itself maintains a somewhat masculine, rugged quality. Ranging in size from a miniature nine inches to a grandiose eight feet, Ozeri’s new series expands his experimentation with presentation, and our ability to access and enter his intoxicating scenes.

The exhibition’s Opening Reception takes place Friday, May 6 from 6-8 PM, and will be on view through June 11.

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