Julie Heffernan is Totally in Vogue

In all senses of the phrase, Julie Heffernan is in vogue. Three of her Self-Portrait works were on view during Armory Week on March 6 for the grand opening of the Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation‘s brand new exhibition space inside Mana Contemporary. In all of their surrealist, fairy tale-esque qualities, the works are part of the Foundation’s permanent collection, which will be housed in the Tri-State area’s center for the public to enjoy.

In other news, a recent article in Vogue Italy celebrates Heffernan’s fantastical style as a modern homage to 16th Century painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo (pictured below), worthy of sharing wall space in the Palazzo Reale’s current Arcimboldo retrospective. We, too, can’t seem to get enough of her fresh take on classical technique, her experimentation with self-portraiture, her inclusion of mystical wildlife, flora, and fauna and her allegorical underpinnings.

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