Cordy Ryman Heads to D.C.

Now that our new gallery is (relatively) in place and completed, we can get back to reporting on the exciting happenings our artists are facilitating around the world. First up: Cordy Ryman, whose environmental “sculptural paintings” are pushing the limits in Washington D.C. With multiple solo shows in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Brussels and Austin in the last two  years alone, Ryman has been on an art-making tear – with incredible results.

Opening tonight (January 15, 2011) is “Windowboxing,” Ryman’s first solo exhibition in Washington, D.C. with Conner Contemporary Art. Given the images we’ve seen so far, this show is not to be missed if you’re in the area. Perhaps some works will foreshadow his upcoming exhibition with MMG this summer…stay tuned…

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