Cordy Ryman Blows Up in NYC

Stephen Westfall of BOMB Magazine recently featured Cordy Ryman in the publication’s summer issue, speaking highly of Ryman’s adept use of materiality and spontaneity. Says Westfall:

“His paint can be sticky as tar or fluid as a thin milkshake. A tough, tiny urchin of a painting might be fastened to the wall with nuts and bolts as though it possesses the will and strength to pull itself free and escape out the door.”

Ryman will have his second solo exhibition with DCKT Contemporary this fall, opening September 8, 2010 – a show surely not to be missed.

Mark Moore Gallery also recommends checking out DCKT’s current summer exhibition, Brion Nuda Rosch, an artist that you may see in a certain Los Angeles gallery sometime this fall….just sayin’….

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