Dimitri Kozyrev Featured in Four Exhibitions

With two upcoming shows in New York, one in Santa Fe and one in Tuscon, Dimitri Kozyrev is trying to be an equal opportunist for those wanting to see his work. Kicking things off with Stephan Stoyanov Gallery on June 6th, Kozyrev will also have works featured in New York in Mixed Greens‘ group exhibition, “Gimme Shelter,” on view July 15 – September 3, 2010.

Kozyrev will simultaneously have work in “Made in Tuscon/Born in Tuscon/Live in Tuscon Part II” at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tuscon, AZ – on view July 3 through September 25 – as well as the inaugural group exhibition at David Richard Contemporary‘s new space in Santa Fe, NM, which opens July 19th.

Be sure to catch one – or all – of Dimitri’s national appearances.

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