David Hilliard Garners New Catalogue; Residency

In his lecture earlier this month at Dartmouth University, artist-in-residence David Hilliard offered up some frank insight to his photography practice and background – a rare quality afforded to college students seeking artistic direction and development. Said the artist:

“I often show my own experience, but it may also relate to someone else’s life. We may not do this in particular, but we do something else that may raise some eyebrows.”

In addition to the artist’s current mini-retrospective at the university, “Highway of Thoughts” (on view through May 2, 2010), Hilliard will hold several classes for active photography students, and offer portfolio critiques. Dartmouth has also produced a new catalogue chronicling Hilliard’s work to date, along with an insightful essay.

The catalogue is available for purchase for $10 (plus shipping) by emailing publications@markmooregallery.com.

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