Vernon Fisher in Korea; Ft. Worth

Opening April 15 and on view through June 15, 2010, Vernon Fisher will have a solo exhibition of work at Seomi & Tuus Gallery (Seoul, Korea). Focusing primarily on the artist’s blackboard, globe and map-based works, the show will feature over a dozen works, and several studio-fresh blackboard paintings.

The show will act as an international preview to the artist’s upcoming retrospective exhibit at the Modern Art Museum, Fort Worth (TX) this fall, entitled “K-Mart Conceptualism.” On view September 25, 2010 – January 2, 2011, the exhibition will survey Fisher’s work to date by utilizing pieces from prominent collections around the world. Says the museum:

“The exhibition will showcase the early collages that combine abstract painting, text, and image; and a selection of many of the artist’s best-known blackboard paintings, in which a faux blackboard surface is used as the ground for realistic, painted vignettes adjacent to fragments of different stories that suggest variously ambiguous meanings. A number of large, room-sized installations will also be included.”

For more information, please visit the websites of the museum and Seomi & Tuus Gallery.

One response to “Vernon Fisher in Korea; Ft. Worth

  1. I had never seen the work of Vernon Fischer before. I wondered why people make art from maps and is this a good media to create with. I found out that through your blog Mr. Fisher uses the unique items of maps to black board to create his one of a kind art. The use of chalk board art is similar I think to black board art . Chalkboard was white when you purchased it and you slathered the surface with a layer of black India Ink. After the ink dried, the details of what you intended to etch was penciled on the surface. A pointed tool like a large hat pin or small awl was used to delicately etch away the inked surface. Mr. Fisher opens his unusual art exhibit Seomi & Tuus Gallery (Seoul, Korea). I wonder if they will enjoy the full impact of his creative mindset. The presentation is unlike any art I’ve seen before short of the layering of collage.


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