Kim Rugg: USPS vs. Art

We received a lovely package from the UK this afternoon from MMG artist, Kim Rugg. In it were sixteen of her trademark envelopes, stamps appropriately dissected  and reconfigured in her highly meticulous fashion to feature a variety of onomatopoeias and designs.

Now, we release them to the world…or at least to the local Santa Monica post office.

Per Kim’s request, the envelopes get chucked into the filthy blue mailbox at the entrance of Bergamot Station, circulated through the USPS cycle, and (fingers crossed) return back to us bearing the marks of their travels.

Brave envelopes, we salute you. See you on the flip side….we hope….

Stay tuned to see the results of our assimilation art experiment! For more frequent updates, you can follow us on Twitter.


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