Kenichi Yokono’s Return to the McColl

The McColl Center for Visual Art (Charlotte, NC) is mounting an exhibition featuring notable artists from its past. Astutely titled, “Decade: 10 Artists from the Center’s First 10 Years” will feature MMG’s Kenichi Yokono, alongside Shaun Cassidy, Rob Carter, Nick Cave, Rae Goodwin, Susan Harbage Page, Hongsock Lee, Willie Little, Gabi Nkosi and Renee Stout.

The exhibition opens September 4, 2009, and will remain open through January 9, 2010. For more information, please visit the McColl Center’s website here.


One response to “Kenichi Yokono’s Return to the McColl

  1. The opening for this show was packed wall to wall with people. Kenichi Yokono’s large panel was probably the most talked about piece from all the conversations I heard. I hope he finds a reason to come back to the center or somewhere else in Charlotte soon.


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