Closing Soon: Tim Bavington “Tone Poems” at Lehman Morgan Gallery (NYC)


Image: Tim Bavington, Aquamarine, 2017; Synthetic polymer on canvas; 32 x 96 in (81.28 x 243.84 cm)

Tim Bavington “Tone Poems”
Lehman Morgan Gallery (New York)
Closing October 21, 2017

In 1956, Frank Sinatra conducted an album for Capitol Records called Tone Poems of Color. The record consists of twelve tracks inspired by the poetry of Norman Sickle, each piece written by a notable 20th Century Hollywood composer and designated by a color as its title. In the manner of mid- 1800’s European orchestral music, these “tone poems” attempt to translate the emotive and narrative content latent in non-musical sources directly into sound.

Tim Bavington’s celebrated oeuvre takes this idea of translation head on, considering the correlative, reciprocal, and at times ambiguous relationship between the visual and aural, art and music. The artist’s approach to geometric abstraction is based in a complex system of annotation and interpretation, whereby popular songs’ musical “DNA” (e.g. melody, beat, etc.) find subjective representation in color and form. This, in effect, is Bavington’s conceptual framework for making paintings.

Inspired by Sinatra’s record, the artist’s latest studio work explores the nuances and energy of individual colors. The basis for each painting is a musical composition with a single color in the title: Jimi Hendrix’s Purple Haze, for instance. Whereas much of Bavington’s previous output delivered color at “full volume,” many of the new paintings reflect a lowering of chromatic intensity, as well as a broader tonal range and more limited palette. Morgan Lehman is delighted to present these works in Tim Bavington’s first solo exhibition with the gallery.


Tim Bavington (b. 1966, England) received his BFA from ArtCenter College of Design before moving to Las Vegas, where he completed his MFA at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Bavington’s work is included in numerous public collections, including The Museum of Modern Art (New York), Fredrick R. Weisman Collection, Crocker Art Museum, Honolulu Art Museum, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Joslyn Art Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, Portland Art Museum, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Palm Springs Art Museum, Denver Art Museum, Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art at Utah State University, as well as the McNay Art Museum in Texas. His largest work to date, Pipe Dream, is a major public sculpture commissioned by the Smith Center for the Performing Arts in Las Vegas and is based on the 1942 Aaron Copeland classic, Fanfare for the Common Man.

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Previewed: Jason Salavon “Recent Work”

Mark Moore Fine Art is pleased to announce an exclusive online ARTSY exhibition by new media artist Jason Salavon.


Wheel, 2012; Archival Inkjet mounted to 1/4″ gator-board; 54 × 54 in (137.2 × 137.2 cm); Edition of 5
Price Upon Request

Recent Work” will showcase Salavon’s distinctive mastery of self-scripted computer programs, which source and reconfigure cultural data into visual compositions.

Jason Salavon: Recent Work

Salavon’s work employs self-scripted computer programs to process and reconfigure data gleaned from an all-encompassing cultural panorama. The resulting works range from transubstantiations of intangible statistics into visual abstractions, to literal depictions of the homogenizing effect of an inundation of images. By not committing to any particular source, Salavon’s work serves to highlight the larger implications of how information is produced and processed rather than critiquing any given subject matter. Although Salavon’s reordering of information is technically entirely objective, the works produced are anything but neutral. Simply through reformatting, Salavon prompts the viewer to consider a multitude of questions. Although the answers may remain beyond our reach, we cannot help but feel that – through the act of questioning alone – we are better equipped to tackle a culture consumed by an excess of unedited information.


Detail Image: Wheel, 2012

Poised between contemporary mass culture and the history of art, and between painterly expressionism and the raw data of digital source material and computer code, Salavon’s work is a significant achievement.”  – Joe Hill

Jason Salavon received his MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, in Chicago, IL, where he now lives and works. He has exhibited his work extensively throughout the United States and internationally, included shows at Los Angeles County Museum of Art, CA and the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, IL. His work is included in numerous prestigious public collections; LACMA, The Whitney Museum of American Art, NY, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX, to name but a few. This solo exhibition will be Salavon’s first exclusive online presentation on ARTSY.


Every Playboy Centerfold, The Decades, 2002; Digital C-prints; Ed. 5 + 2 APs; Set of four works; 60 x 29.25 inches (each)

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Featured Artist Interview of the Week: Vernon Fisher

Disposition of Birds copy

We are very pleased to announce our new video channel on Youtube and the addition of several new short video interviews that have just been added to this site for your reference. I would invite you to check out the MARK MOORE FINE ART VIDEO CHANNEL and encourage you to subscribe to future videos at the following link by clicking HERE.

The short film collection at MMFA Video Channel now features four new videos that have been just posted that include a looks inside the studios of artists: ALLISON SCHULNIK, ANDREW SCHOULTZ, VERNON FISHER, and JOHN BAUER. In total we have nearly fifty new or recent videos posted there for you to view – and that list grows weekly. Other artists featured on the MMFA Channel are: Jason Salavon, Kris Kuksi, Stephanie Washburn, Julie Oppermann, Tim Bavington, Joshua Dildine, and Julie Heffernan – just to name a few.

This week’s featured video interview is with VERNON FISHER which can be viewed here:

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PHOTO 17 Benefit at MILK Studios – Stories: The AIDS Monument

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Press inquiries please contact:

Jennifer Gross / Julia Axelrod

Evolutionary Media Group

323-658-8700 /

Yoram Wolberger and Kim Rugg included in “Pop Culture” Exhibition at the RPM



Reading Public Museum
500 Museum Road
Reading, PA  19611
(610) 371-5850

The exhibition can be viewed:
September 25, 2017 – January 14, 2018
Sunday to Saturday from 11:00am – 5:00pm

Curated by
Billie Milam Weisman
Director, Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation

Artists and Works in the exhibition:

ARMAN – Football Shoes – 1971 – accumulation of sliced football shoes embedded in polyester

ARNESON, Robert – Rose Plate – 1966 – glazed ceramic

ARTSCHWAGER, Richard – Exclamation Point – 1997 – green plastic bristles on wood (2 parts)

BELL, Charles – MARBLES XII – 1984 – oil on canvas

BOYD, Blake – Pinocchio, Head for Abigail – 2002 – clay on board

BOYD, Blake – Super Girl 2 – 2002 – clay on board

CHAMBERLAIN, John – Magnet Eyes – 1989 – paint on chromium plated steel

CRASH, John Matos – THE BIG MOUTH – 1984 – spray paint on canvas

DATE FARMERS – Coca-Cola Escorpion – 2010 – acrylic, ink and paper on metal

DINE, Jim – THE YELLOW VENUS – 1984 – four-color woodblock print (ed. 16/20)

FRITSCH, Katharina – PUDEL (POODLE) – 1995 – plaster & paint

GILBERT & GEORGE – OUTSPAN LICK – 1982 – photo-picture (16 mounted and framed photographs)

GROOMS, Red – L’ours (The Bear) – 1989 – wood & acrylic

GROOMS, Red – Mae West Visits New England – 1981 – mixed media

GROOMS, Red – The Blue Restaurant – 1983 – oil on canvas

HARING, Keith – UNTITLED – 1983 – ink on vinyl tarpaulin

HARING, Keith & L.A.2 – UNTITLED – 1983 – ink and dayglo paint on plastic with wood base

HOLZER, Jenny – UNTITLED (SELECTIONS FROM THE SURVIVAL SERIES) – 1983-84 – electronic L.E.D. sign with red diodes

JAMES, Vincent – BULLETS – 2000 – acrylic, Neoprene & styrofoam

JONES, Allen – Table – 1969 – mixed media

KUSAMA, Yayoi – PUMPKINS – 1982 – mixed media (10 parts)

LA II – UNTITLED (PINK MOTORCYCLE) – 1991 – mixed media

LEWICKI, Andrew – Oreo Manhole Cover – 2010 – cast iron

LICHTENSTEIN, Roy – Foot and Hand – 1964 – color offset lithograph

LONCAR, Srdjan – Cell Phone – 2006 – styrofoam, photographs and pins

LONCAR, Srdjan – Payphone – 2011 – cast concrete

LONCAR, Srdjan – Value – 2008 – digital prints, wooden blocks (50), and painted Winchester pistol case (Ed. 30/300)

LOWE, Jean – Finding the Sweet Spot – 2006 – enamel on papier-mâché

Maberry + Walker – Camo – 2010 – glazed ceramic

Maberry + Walker – Red Head – 2010 – glazed ceramic

McNAMEE, Aaron – Complete Year Valiant Comics, August 1993-August 1994 – 2010 – comic book pages and glue

MILLER, Greg – 7UP – 2005 – mixed media on board

MILLER, Greg – SPIDERMAN – 2005 – mixed media including aged paper, oil and resin on board

MORRISON, Joel – Alligator Shoes – 2006 – bronze

MORRISON, Joel – Venus/Jesus Lizard – 2006 – bronze

MORRISON, Joel – Victor (rat trap) – 2006 – bronze

OATES, Daniel – Lunch Box and Thermos – 1992 – polyester resin, wood and acrylic paint

OLDENBURG, Claes – Typewriter Eraser – 1968 – painted cardboard & canvas

PAIK, Nam June – MICHELIN MAN LASER ROBOT – 1996 – video with 13 television screens

PAVLISKO, Todd – Untitled ($ Black) – 2005 – plastic retail tag fasteners on raw canvas

PAZZANESE, Giancarlo – Pinocchio Boy – 2006 – digital print with PVA Binder paint

PISTOLETTO, Michelangelo – Gray Hitchhiker – 1962-79 – silkscreen on mirrored steel

QUIÑONES, José Luis – CRUSHED ORANGE – 1980 – oil on canvas

RAMOS, Mel – THE WHITE HOOD – 1967 – oil on canvas

RETNA – Escribo – 2011 – acrylic on canvas

ROSENQUIST, James – BACON – 1980 – oil on canvas with wax light bulb

ROSENQUIST, James – Sketch for “Fire Pole” Expo 67 Mural Montreal Canada – ca. 1967 – oil on canvas

ROSENQUIST, James – Toaster – 1963 – enamel paint, chromed barbed wire, metal, plastic and wood

RUGG, Kim – Bullets Ain’t Stoppin’ Him – 2007 – reconfigured comic book (Superman)

RUSCONI, Paul – Untitled (Tyra) – 2007 – mixed media

SATO, Masaaki – NEWSSTAND NO. 28 – 1984 – oil on canvas

SIGMUND, Richard – STOP – 1983 – acrylic on canvas


SZETO, Keung – ART WORK – 1981 – acrylic on linen

TAGGART, Christopher – SPR(O)ING(!) – 1999 – aluminum and mirrored steel

TASSET, Tony – BIG EYE – 2001 – acrylic & polystyrene

VECA, Mark Dean – Pennybags – 2010 – acrylic and India ink on canvas over panel

VECA, Mark Dean – Uncle Scrooge – 2010 – acrylic and India ink on canvas

VIOLETTE, Banks – ELYSE MARIE PAHLER 7.22.95 – 2001-2002 – oil on canvas

WARHOL, Andy – Ladies and Gentlemen – 1975 – silkscreen

WARHOL, Andy – Marilyn Monroe – 1967 – silkscreen on paper (suite of 10)

WARHOL, Andy – Portrait of Frederick Weisman – 1984 – silkscreen on paper (wood frame, blue ink, Ed. 2/4)

WATERS, John – HUNGRY HAMBURGER – 2000 – 10 chromogenic prints

WELLS, Jean – Hot Dog – 2010 – mosaic


WESSELMANN, Tom – MAQUETTE FOR BEDROOM BLONDE WITH NECKLACE (3-D) – 1987 – liquitex on bristol paper cut-out mounted on

WESSELMANN, Tom – Mouth No. 6 – 1966 – oil on canvas over wood

WESSELMANN, Tom – Still Life No. 31 – 1963 – mixed-media construction with television

WESSELMANN, Tom – Study for Mouth No. 4 – 1966 – charcoal on paper

WICKLANDER, Edward – LITTLE RICHARD – 1984-87 – mixed media

WOLBERGER, Yoram – Red Indian No. 2 (Bowman) – 2006 – fiberglass with pigmented resin coating

WYNNE, Rob – FLY – 2002 – hand-glazed ceramic

Pray for Las Vegas


There are several ways you can donate to victims of Sunday night’s mass shooting in Las Vegas, where at least 59 people were killed and more than 500 injured when a gunman opened fire on concertgoers at a country music festival.

Steve Sisolak, Chair of the Clark County Commission, has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for the victims and their families. It had collected more than $8 million as of Wednesday morning.

Officials in Las Vegas say there has been an overwhelming turnout for blood donations — some donors waited in line for more than 6 hours — and no more blood is needed right now.

Those looking for information about loved ones still missing in the Las Vegas area can call 1-800-536-9488.

If you live in the Las Vegas area, you can volunteer transportation and other help to victims through this Facebook page.


John Bauer ARTSY Exhibition Closing October 8th


JOHN BAUER, Blue Velvet, 2013; Oil and enamel on linen; 90 × 102 in (228.6 × 259.1 cm)

Mark Moore Fine Art presents an exclusive online ARTSY exhibition on view now through October 8, 2017 by Los Angeles painter JOHN BAUER.

Marrying digital manipulation with traditional stenciling, spraying, rolling, brushing, and printing, John Bauer revisits the intimacy of Abstract Expressionist mark-making from a mediated postmodern distance.

2015 BSOD install4

John Bauer – Vulture Magazine
For the past 150 years, pretty consistently, art movements moved in thrilling but unmysterious ways. They’d build on the inventions of several extraordinary artists or constellations of artists, gain followings, become what we call a movement or a school, influence everything around them, and then become diluted as they were taken up by more and more derivative talents. Soon younger artists would rebel against them, and the movement would fade out. This happened with Impressionism, Postimpressionism, and Fauvism, and again with Abstract Expressionism after the 1950s. In every case, always, the most original work led the way. 
John Bauer – ArtScene Magazine
While John Bauer’s canvasses, as large as 90 x 102 inches, contain hints of abstract expressionism, his creative process marries digital manipulation with traditional stenciling, spraying, rolling, brushing and printing, much of the hand work influenced by German post-war painting. 

John Bauer – The Huffington Post
John Bauer, Angel of Light Eternity is both endless time and timelessness. It is a contradiction; it is a riddle. It is that which exists outside of our space-time reality, and by definition outside of our understanding and our consciousness. When we live so firmly ensnared in this self-consciousness reality, how do we fathom the unfathomable? 



John Bauer (b. 1971 San Diego, California) received a BA in Studio Art in 1993 from the University of California in Santa Barbara, California. Selected solo exhibitions include: Perry Rubenstein Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (2013); Patricia Low Contemporary, Geneva, Switzerland (2010); Galleri SE, Bergen, Norway (2009); Gallery Van Bau, Vestfossen, Norway (2009); Maruani & Noirhomme, Knokke, Belgium (2008); solo presentation Art Brussels with Patricia Low Contemporary, Brussels, Belgium (2008); Patricia Low Contemporary in Gstaad, Switzerland (2007); John Bauer at Bellwether Gallery in New York (2007); Free-Floating Anxiety at Bellwether Gallery in New York (2003); and New Oils at Clementine Gallery in New York (1998).

Bauer_Stoned and Dethroned (0930)

Selected group exhibitions include Abstract America: New Art from the US, Saatchi Gallery, London, England (2009); New York’s Finest at Canada Gallery in New York (2005); Grotto II at Jessica Murray Projects in Brooklyn (2004); and Hello Chelsea at Bellwether Gallery in New York. He is represented by Patricia Low Contemporary, Switzerland. John Bauer lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

Bauer Untitled (#1308)

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