Andrea Joyce Heimer: New Work and Upcoming Exhibitions

Mark Moore Fine Art artist and 5790projects Artist Award Winner for 2015 ANDREA JOYCE HEIMER will be featured by Nicelle Beauchene Gallery (NYC) at NADA New York March 2 – 5. MMFA also has just received three excellent new works from the studio today.


Image: Andrea Joyce Heimer, “The Widow’s Living Room Was Cluttered With Mystery…”, 2016; 16 x 20 inches; acrylic on panel


Image: Andrea Joyce Heimer, “In The Cool Basement I Fell In Love Not With You But With The Wolf Under The Stairs.” 2016; 16 x 20 inches; acrylic on panel


Image: Andrea Joyce Heimer, “I Wrestle With Pedigree.” 2016; 16 x 20 inches; acrylic on panel

Heimer also has a solo exhibition up now at Hometown in Brooklyn through March 12th.

View all the available work MMFA has to offer on our ARTSY Webpage.

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Daniel Canogar at the Museum of the University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain, opening March 22nd

New Media Artist Daniel Canogar will open an exhibition of new work titled Sikka Ingentium, a solo show at the Museum of the University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain, on March 22nd.


Sikka Ingentium is a 4-projector installation with 2,400 movie DVDS. A smaller version of this work was produced in 2013 – a short video on this work can be viewed here.

This multi-thematic piece was inspired by “sikka”, the gold coins sewn to clothing dating back to Babylonian times that eventually became the shiny plastic objects we know today as sequins. By projecting the contents of the DVDs back onto their surfaces the artist continues to investigate both new uses for discarded objects as well as his interest in combining the phantasmagorical properties of cinema with its physical elements.

In this case, film segments were selected from each of the DVDs for their color, shape and movement value, forming a digital palette from which the final projected loops were constructed. The accompanying self-generated soundtrack is the resulting “accidental composition” created by layering the soundtracks from the actual segments being projected. The final effect is that of an audio-visual mosaic.

Historically, “sikka” were worn to remind onlookers of the wealth and power of those wearing them while also evoking the light of the divine. Similarly, the surfaces of the DVDs flash back at us images born from the glamorous world of Hollywood where image is converted to a kind of currency.


Installation view: Daniel Canogar Sikka Ingentium at the Museum of the University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain

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David Cohen in Conversation with David Carbone and Julie Heffernan Tonight at NYSS

Artists David Carbone and Julie Heffernan join moderator David Cohen for ART BOOK REVIEW PANEL  tonight at 6:30pm at the NEW YORK STUDIO SCHOOL OF DRAWING, PAINTING AND SCULPTURE in which they will present readings from, and discuss, The World New Made: Figurative Painting in the Twentieth Century by Timothy Hyman (Thames & Hudson, 2016).


IMAGE: Julie Heffernan, Oil on canvas, 66 × 68 in / 167.6 × 172.7 cm

Julie Heffernan (b. 1956, Illinois) received her MFA from Yale School of Art (CT), and has been exhibiting widely for the past two decades. Selected exhibitions include those at The Korean Biennial (Korea), Weatherspoon Art Gallery (NC), Tampa Museum Of Art (FL), Knoxville Museum Of Art (TN), Columbia Museum Of Art (SC), Milwaukee Art Museum (WI), The New Museum (NY), The Norton Museum (FL), The American Academy Of Arts And Letters (NY), Kohler Arts Center (WI), The Palmer Museum Of Art (PA), National Academy Of Art (NY), Mcnay Art Museum (TX), Herter Art Gallery (MA), Mint Museum (NC) and Virginia Museum of Fine Art (VA), Oklahoma City Museum of Art (OK) among numerous others. Her work has also been acquired by many of the institutions listed above. The artist is also a Professor of Fine Arts at Montclair State University.


Lectures begin at 6:30 pm. Lectures are free and open to the public. Seating may be limited. For inquiries about accessibility, please contact Leeanne Maxey at:

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Tim Bavington featured in CODA: Collaboration of Design + Art Magazine

Tim Bavington‘s wall sculpture “Louie Louie” (2013) is a featured work in CODA: Collaboration of Design + Art Magazine today. #markmoorefineart #timbavington


Installation view: Tim Bavington, “Louie Louie”(2013) at the Edith Green/Wendell Wyatt Federal Building in Portland (OR)

After nearly seven years of design, fabrication, and selection committees, Tim Bavington’s new work,”Louie Louie”(2013) debuted at the Edith Green/Wendell Wyatt Federal Building in Portland (OR) Thursday, May 30th, 2013. Marking the second-largest three-dimensional work Bavington has ever created, “Louie Louie” is made entirely of water jet cut cast acrylic; transforming his traditionally two-dimensional painting practice into translucent sculptural form. This work measures approximately 94 x 240 inches.

Bavington’s exhibition history and biography lent itself well to his ultimate selection: Tim Bavington (b. 1966, England). His work is included in the public collections of Fredrick R. Weisman Collection (CA), Honolulu Art Museum (HI), Albright-Knox Art Gallery (NY), Creative Artists Agency (CA), Joslyn Art Museum (NE), Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego (CA), Portland Art Museum (OR), United Talent Agency (CA), Vivendi Universal (CA), Palm Springs Art Museum (CA), Denver Art Museum (CO), The Museum of Modern Art (NY), Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art, Utah State University (UT) and the McNay Art Museum (TX).

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Christoph Schmidberger “Seventeen From The Vault” Opens Today

Mark Moore Fine Art is proud to present the first on-line only exhibition of work from the personal collection of the artist. “Seventeen From the Vault” includes classic examples of Christoph Schmidberger‘s best paintings and works on paper from the apogee of his career and can be viewed on ARTSY by clicking on the following link now.


Image: CHRISTOPH SCHMIDBERGER, “Jordan”, 2011, Oil on Panel, 26 x 24 ins

Christoph Schmidberger’s naturalistic, figurative paintings dispense a certain sensuality coupled with a deliberate detachment. Taking portraits of friends and acquaintances as his material, he documents a poetic world of nature and architecture, of private interiors and sunlit gardens. The meticulously executed surfaces of his paintings in oil and acrylic render his subjects perfect and inscrutable, the sheen of their hair and eyes highlighted almost to overexposure. Placed in classical poses their protracted gaze lends an element of intrusion to the scene as if the viewer were privy suddenly to unseen rooms and private moments.

Schmidberger often contradicts the realism in his paintings with exacting areas of abstraction and dashes of chromatic enhancement. Any familiarity or intimacy that might be afforded a scene or its subject is masked by an immaculate and impersonal execution. Touching on the same subjects are his works on paper. In contrast to his painting’s saturated and iridescent palette, Schmidberger’s drawings are hyper ethereal and delicate studies in black and white almost disappearing into the paper like photographic plates or portraits from cinema’s golden age.

The artist deliberately chooses ambiguous titles for his works that are both redolent and misleading in the context of his paintings. Removing the importance of his protagonists’ activities and identities, Schmidberger explores an image focused, self-consumed LA lifestyle with an indifference much found in the work of Gerhard Richter and Andy Warhol; the protagonist’s guise reaffirming the artist’s distinction between reality and his documentation of that reality.

In the seventies, Franz Gertsch’s huge canvases were often interpreted as a mere exercise in style, influenced by the American Hyperrealism of Chuck Close and Richard Estes. It was only years later that we able to truly appreciate Gertsch’s intentions for what they really were: a celebration of the Blow Up, the explosion of colour in cinema and European Hippy culture. It is dangerous to make predictions in art, however the idea that in thirty years or so the young, uninhibited and exhibitionist universe depicted by Schmidberger may be seen as a portrait of the inconsistencies that marked the first decade of the third millennium, is something more than a suspicion.

Museum Of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, USA
The Saatchi Collection, London, UK
Los Angeles County Museum Of Art, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Museum Of Contemporary Art, San Diego, CA, USA
Joslyn Museum Of Art, Omaha NE, USA
Frederic R. Weismann Collection, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Neue Galerie Am Landesmuseum Joanneum, Graz, Austria
Korban Art Foundation, New York, NY, USA
Vanhaerents Art Collection, Brüssels, Belgium
Volpinum Kunstsammlung, Vienna, Austria

The work of Christoph Schmidberger has appeared in group exhibitions at Mark Moore Gallery, Culver City; ACME, Los Angeles; Six Frederich/Lisa Ungar, Munich; the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego; and the Frederic R. Weismann Collection, Los Angeles. Christoph Schmidberger presently lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

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Visit the MMFA Artsy page to read our most recent article on painter Christoph Schmidberger written by art critic João Ribas

Visit our Artsy page to read our most recent @artsy article on painter #christophschmidberger written by art critic João Ribas.


Additional MMFA updates and news can always be found on our ARTSY NEWS page.

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New Editions Released by Ben Charles Weiner

Mark Moore Fine Art is pleased to announce the released of a new edition by artist Ben Charles Weiner released today.


By photographing luxurious ephemera at close range, then using the resulting image as his subject, Ben Charles Weiner creates works that pose a confusion of object, subject and medium. The disorienting imagery in such works reflects a blurred boundary between the human and the technological. In Gel Monochrome Variations, Weiner digitally stretches an image derived from one of his paintings of hair gel to create a variety of different compositions. Weiner received his BA from Wesleyan University, CT. His work has been shown nationally and internationally in galleries and museums, and is in public collections including Sammlung/Collection (Germany), the Progressive Collection (OH), the Frederick R. Weisman Foundation Collection (CA), and the Microsoft Collection (WA). He lives and works in Queens, NY.

Gel Monochrome Variations #1-3, 2016, is Ben Charles Weiner’s first edition with Tempe Digital. Weiner digitally manipulates an image derived from one of his hair gel paintings to create three distinct variations. Gel Monochrome Variations continues Weiner’s exploration of body enhancement, and the blurred boundary between the human and the technological.

Tempe Digital‘s limited edition prints and contemporary art textbooks have involved collaborations with artists including Jonas Wood, Alex Olson, Cory Arcangel, Jessica Labatte, Takeshi Murata, Chuck Close, Holly Coulis, Brian Alfred, Kevin Appel, Petra Cortright, and Ridley Scott, among many others.

To order for to the Temp Digital website here.

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