DANIEL CANOGAR’S Amazing “Dinamo” at Expo Dubai (1 October 2021 – 31 March 2022)

DANIEL CANOGAR’S Dinamo at Expo Dubai 1 October 2021 – 31 March 2022
©Studio Daniel Canogar

Daniel Canogar‘s work captures the public’s imagination and stimulates reflection. Because, as he says, “we are distracted all the time”. The raw materials for his art are our everyday experiences with technology, from information overload to obsolescence.

Dinamo, one of the most ambitious projects by Studio Daniel Canogar to date, is a site-specific audiovisual project designed for the Spanish Communication Pavilion in Dubai, for Expo Dubai 2021. It has been done in collaboration with the Spanish sound designer and composer Francisco López.

The artwork, suspended in the middle of the main pavilion and surrounded by a descendent spiral hallway, consists of three sculptural screens shaped like interlaced loops that feature a generative audiovisual content through the interaction of the visitors and the railing along the ramp. The more contact the rail detects, the more dynamic and colorful the content of Dinamo’ screens will be. Similarly, the sound will be more intense when interaction is higher. This way, the activation of the artwork is totally in the hands of the visitors.

Short videos of each of Canogar’s works can be viewed in VIMEO at: https://bit.ly/2YrQQoi

Check out the new special ARTSY VIEWING ROOM focused on artist Daniel Canogar’s most recent work: https://bit.ly/3u46gZX


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