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Yoram Wolberger at Bentley Gallery

Yoram Wolberger is part of the exhibition Off the Wall, currently on view at Bentley Gallery in Phoenix, Arizona.

Breaking away from artistic conventions, the artists in Off the Wall explore the relationships between painting, sculpture, and architecture. In Off the Wall the relationship of work to wall and wall to floor is at the heart of the work, whether on paper or in metal or wood, straight-edged or curvilinear. Color and form are made to interact with both the wall and the space of the viewer. As Ellsworth Kelly explained to composer John Cage, he wanted his works, both paintings and sculpture, to hang where they “meet the eye – direct.

The exhibition also explores the interplay of positive and negative space. You can’t look at George Thiewes’ Points Points Points, for example, a black sculpture hung on a white wall, without considering the relationship of the sculpture’s form to its backdrop – the piece appears to slice the wall.
Click here for more information on the exhibition.

Yoram Wolberger in Time Out New York

Yoram Wolberger is featured in Time Out New York’s article “The best artworks at the Brooklyn Museum in NYC,” a collection of top ten artworks from their permanent collection.

Read the article here.


Penelope Umbrico at Milwaukee Art Museum (WI)

Future Perfect, a career survey of the work of Penelope Umbrico, opened last night at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

 Embracing the flood of images available in the Internet age, contemporary artist Penelope Umbrico sifts through millions of images shared on Craigslist, Flickr, and other social media sites and appropriates them as source material for her work. She seizes upon popular subjects such as sunsets and televisions and creates large-scale installations that reveal contemporary society’s collective photographic habits and the underlying desires that shape them. Future Perfect features over 30 photo-based installations—comprising nearly 5,000 individual images—along with photographs, videos, and books that trace Umbrico’s obsessive systems of inquiry and online research since 2006.

The exhibition runs through August 7, 2016.


Penelope Umbrico Interviewed by A Photo Editor

Penelope Umbrico has an extensive interview up on A Photo Editor, detailing her background, artistic process, and ‘Bad Display‘ – her solo show now on view at the gallery.

Read the interview here.