Andrew Schoultz in CRAVE

A new article on Andrew Schoultz‘s exhibition, Cyclical Nature, is online now at CRAVE. Written by Nicole Borgenicht, the article delves deep into the political nature of the exhibition and the concepts behind  Schoultz’s work.

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Cyclical Nature is currently on view at Mark Moore Gallery through October 31st. For more information about the artist or available work, please email


Zemer Peled in Financial Times (UK)

Gallery artist Zemer Peled was featured in Financial Times, UK over the weekend, in a new article titled, “Shards Apart.” The article reflects on Peled’s time at Royal College of Art in London, and her unique approach to working with porcelain.

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For more information about the artist or available work, please email


New Andrew Schoultz Mural at Mark Moore Gallery

Andrew Schoultz has spent the last two weeks painting a mural on the side of the gallery.  Here are some shots of the work in progress:






























Andrew’s show, Cyclical Nature runs at the gallery through October 31st.
For more information about the artist or available work, please email

Allison Schulnik at CSULA Fine Art Gallery

Gallery artist Allison Schulnik is part of a new show, “Better Far Pursue a Frivolous Trade by Serious Means, than a Sublime Art Frivolously” at CSULA Fine Art Gallery. The show is curated by Lia Halloran and Rebecca Campbell and runs October 5-October 29.

For more information about the artist or available work, please email


Kiel Johnson at Cypress College Art Gallery (CA)

Gallery artist Kiel Johnson is part of “Artists on Edge”, a group show at Cypress College Art Gallery curated by Mat Gleason.

From the press release:

The exhibit centers on the work and influence of the late Chris Burden who passed away earlier this year at the age of 69. Gleason posits that Burden’s penchant for finding the edge of every medium he touched was where his greatest influence occurred. Assembled here are historic works by Burden and nine contemporary artists, each with a debt to Burden and yet also finding a unique way to push their specific visual art mediums to the edge of what is possible.

Instead of tying these artists together, the exhibit seeks to show that the schools of thought embraced by Chris Burden were, like Burden’s art, unruly tentacles that stretch and threaten. The intensity of what one contemporary master created is shown to live on and grow into new forms of art.


Andrew Schoultz Documentary

The Creative Lives has published a new documentary on gallery artist Andrew Schoultz.

The Creative Lives aim is “to capture the nature of an artist; the struggles they have, the doubts that arise, and the victory of creating something you’re proud to sign. ”

What they have to say about Andrew Schoultz:

A seasoned muralist, Andrew Schoultz practiced his craft illegally on walls throughout San Francisco before successfully pitching his skills to Aaron Noble and the influential Clarion Alley Project. In years since he has refined his work to a state of mastery and continues, both in and out of the studio, to produce an ever changing and deeply profound body of work. In his show “Compound Eyes On The World” at Marx and Zavattero Gallery in San Francisco, Andrew presented work exploring the blur of mob perspective in the modern world.

Andrew has work right now in two incredible exhibitions. He has an installation and a gigantic painting at the Long Beach Museum of Art for their show Vitality and Verve which is up until Oct 25th. He also has a solo show entitled Cyclical Nature at Mark Moore Gallery in Los Angeles up until October 31st. You must see this work in person the detail is incredible, please give yourself the gift of art and visit these works while you can.

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Jason Salavon on Hyperallergic

Gallery artist Jason Salavon‘s installation “The Master Index,” featured at Expo Chicago, is the topic of Hyperallergic’s front page article, From Emoticon to Ellen Degeneres, an Index of the Most Popular Wikipedia Articles.

Describing the installation in detail, the article states:

“The Master Index (v.EXPO_Chicago)” wallpaper was an iteration of the 2013 collaboration between Salavon and researchers at the University of Chicago to compile a numbered list of English Wikipedia articles, sorted by page-view counts gathered since 2007. Each time Salavon shows the project, he updates it to reflect the current tally of page-views; most recent revision is from August 2015. The list speaks to our collective desire for bits of knowledge, our need for specific information to guide school projects, solve temporary brain lapses, and settle heated debates. It’s an ordered representation of our information obsession, with such funny and chance juxtapositions as “Dog” directly above “Snoop Dogg” and “Scientology” hovering just over “Celebrity Sex Tape.”  

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For more information about the artist or available work, please email